Working in the legal field of elder law during this pandemic poses some unique challenges. Our seniors will still continue to age, enter nursing homes for age related causes, and still need important legal documents executed. This is especially true for those seniors trying to qualify for Medicaid.

Certain restrictions have been lifted during this unprecedented time for those already on Medicaid, and for those applying. However, the fact remains that most people do not have the proper legal documents in place that they will need while traveling down the confusing road of Medicaid qualification. Visitation has now been suspended in nursing homes and other health care institutions. This pandemic has caused a huge roadblock in getting those crucial legal documents executed. This is especially true when our state legislature is still requiring the signor to “personally appear before you” to sign their legal documents and you are being told you cannot get into the nursing home to “see them”.

But through perseverance, a great staff, and the wonderful personnel at the nursing home, the undoable became doable. I must admit that standing outside in the cold, talking with the client on a cell phone, and looking through a glass door to watch the client sign his documents was a bit challenging, but so very worth it. As I watched the smiles on everyone’s faces as the last document was signed, I realized the experience taught me what it truly means to be an elder law attorney.

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John J. Peck
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