Preparing for Your First Meeting With an Elder Law Attorney

No one wants to think about passing away or suffering a disability that leaves you unable to care for your family, but these are topics everyone needs to address at some point. You don’t have to tackle these sensitive and complex legal issues on your own, however. 

An attorney with a wide knowledge of elder law and experience with asset protection and estate planning strategies can offer peace of mind. If you come to your first meeting properly prepared, we can help you protect everything you worked hard to acquire, take steps to keep your family properly cared for after you are gone, and deal with legal issues like probate.

Topics to Ask About During Your Meeting

While a skilled elder law attorney will try to get a sense of your financial and family situation to offer you the best solutions, you should go into a first meeting prepared to bring up your own questions. Before meeting with a lawyer, take a moment to think about:

  • How you will plan for a potential nursing home stay 
  • Ways to provide for your spouse and children when you are unable to work 
  • Where you want your property and heirlooms to go
  • Your overall asset protection goals

Write down a list of questions to bring in so you don’t forget about any important topics. If you are engaged in the process with your own questions, an attorney can better help you prepare for whatever life throws your way. 

For instance, if you ask about common asset protection tactics like gifting to family members, our team can explain when that’s a good idea and when it may not be the best course of action. With our deep toolbox of strategies, we can offer better alternatives that won’t cause problems applying for Medicaid down the line.

Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer During the Meeting

Making your own list of topics to discuss is just half the equation, however. Before coming to your first meeting, be ready to answer questions about:

  • Active insurance policies
  • Disabled or dependent children you care for
  • Receiving VA benefits
  • Sources of income
  • When you plan to retire and collect Social Security
  • Who will make medical decisions if you are incapacitated 
  • Who will oversee trusts on your behalf

Be sure to bring any documents you think may help the elder law attorney understand your financial situation. 

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