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You have a will and you’ve spelled out who should get what after you are gone. You feel pretty good about the future and believe you have provided for your family. Unfortunately, this may not actually be the case. A will can only go so far in protecting your estate and passing your assets on according to your wishes. When you sit down with an experienced estate planning attorney at Legacy Lawyers, we will explain what a will can and cannot do and how we can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that accomplishes all of your goals and truly protects your family.

Legacy Lawyers Provides Trust-Based Estate Planning in Wilmington

Unlike a will, a revocable trust is a tool that allows you to manage your assets while you are alive, but designate who will get what after you are gone. With a revocable trust, your beneficiaries will avoid probate and have access to the money you leave them right away—or whenever you want them to have it. At Legacy Lawyers, our trust-based estate planning is tailored to your current needs and future desires. We see ourselves as counselors who will get to know you and design a plan that fits you perfectly. Our estate planning services include the following:

  • Powers of Attorney. These important documents allow you to appoint a person to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • Advance medical directives. Most people have a good idea of what they want doctors to do and not do in certain medical situations. If they are unable to communicate their wishes, however, an advance directive will make their wishes known.
  • Wills. Even with a revocable trust, you also need a pour-over will to distribute assets that are not included in the trust.
  • Special needs trusts. If you have a child with special needs or a spouse with dementia who may outlive you, this kind of trust can make sure they are provided for long after you are gone.
  • Charitable planning and charitable trusts. Your estate can continue to support causes that are important to you after you are gone when you establish a charitable trust with our estate planning team.
  • Probate administration. If you are the beneficiary of an estate that must go through probate, we can oversee the proceedings to make sure your loved one’s wishes are preserved throughout the process.
  • Trust administration. When you work with our team to create, fund, and manage a trust during your lifetime, you can rest assured that we will see it through the administration process after you are gone and that all of your goals are met.
  • Premarital agreements. These agreements become important when one spouse passes away, or there is a divorce and remarriage, so they must be designed with your long-term goals in mind. An estate planning attorney will see the big picture regarding premarital agreements.
  • Guardianship. Naming guardians for minor children is a vital piece of an estate plan and one that should be revisited over the years. Guardianship may also involve an incapacitated parent or spouse.

Wherever you are in the estate planning process—just gathering information, realizing you need more than a will, or wanting to revise an existing plan—the team at Legacy Lawyers is here to help.

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