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Serving Southeastern North Carolina, Wilmington-based Legacy Lawyers will be your trusted advisor as you create a custom estate plan, find ways to pay for a nursing home without draining your bank account and protect your assets from creditors, predators, inlaws, and outlaws. Learn more about what we can do for you here.

From fixing messy estate plans to create custom plans for complicated situations, the estate planning team at Legacy Lawyers rises to whatever challenges a family…

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Estate Planning & Probate

From fixing messy estate plans to create custom plans for complicated situations, the estate planning team at Legacy Lawyers rises to whatever challenges a family…

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Elder Law

From fixing messy estate plans to create custom plans for complicated situations, the estate planning team at Legacy Lawyers rises to whatever challenges a family…

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Asset Protection

Estate Planning & Probate

Elder Law

Asset Protection

What our customers say

Kenneth Perrino

My parent’s hard-earned savings and home were saved by John and Rita Peck! Without their guidance, help, and structure for protecting assets in a trust, all would have been lost when my mother needed to go into a nursing home. They are the best in the business for legacy law and I cannot be more thankful for my parents putting their trust in them.

William Davis

I was a customer for a Revocable Living Trust and an Application for my wife’s Medicaid application. Both work products were completed on time and both work products were very professional quality.

Natalie Ambrose

Everything was detailed and thoroughly explained. I feel comforted to know everything is in order. I confidently trust Legacy Lawyers.

Let Our Family Help Your Family

As one of the first attorneys in North Carolina to learn the rules of Medicaid for long-term care, John J. Peck, Attorney & Counsellor at Law is continually honing his knowledge and skill in trust-based planning. He has attended countless hours of continuing legal education to gather valuable tools for helping his clients with their specific estate planning and long-term care needs.

When you work with Legacy Lawyers, you aren’t just signing boilerplate estate planning documents. Instead, you’re working with a team that prides itself on:

  • Creating custom trusts from scratch that make sure all of your goals and objectives are met
  • Protecting all of your assets from the high cost of a nursing home, including your primary residence and other properties
  • Ensuring that your assets go to the intended heirs and not to creditors, exes, probate fees, and taxes

You Have Nothing to Lose!

Whatever your current situation is, we encourage you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with our team. Your loved one may already be in a nursing home, losing thousands of dollars of their life savings every month. You may have already worked with an estate planner and have some documents in place. Either way, it’s not too late to have our team evaluate your situation to see if we can offer a better solution. We want to be your trusted partner in leaving a legacy for your family.

Meet the Legacy Lawyers Team

John Peck

Attorney Of Counsel

Ken King




Laura Boneau


Katelyn Frank


Experienced Estate Attorneys Finding Creative Solutions to Protect Your Assets and Pay for Nursing Home Care

The average American can expect to live to be nearly 85 years old. While that’s good news, it can also be scary to think about. Do you have enough savings and other financial resources to support yourself for another 20 years or more? If you or your spouse has to go into a nursing home, will you be able to pay for services and still leave something to your children and grandchildren? Without an estate plan that addresses your unique situation, these are very real concerns. When you work with Wilmington based Legacy Lawyers to plan for the future or in a time of crisis, you can be sure we will find a creative solution to protect your assets.

Legacy Lawyers Are in the Estate Planning Counseling Business

Anyone can charge you to prepare some documents and claim you have an estate plan. In fact, you can even download many of these forms from the internet for free. However, one-size-fits-all approaches to estate planning can’t possibly address your unique needs and desires for the future. At Legacy Lawyers, we are not in the document sales business. Instead, our goal is to be a trusted advisor to our clients in North Carolina as they go through the process of determining what kind of legacy they want to leave and how they are going to pay for long-term care without using their hard-earned savings. Our experienced estate attorneys will get to know you as they craft a custom-designed plan to:

  • Name your beneficiaries and designate when they should have access to the funds
  • Make sure creditors, predators, and the IRS don’t get ahold of your assets after you are gone
  • Protect your life savings from the exorbitant cost of a nursing home
  • Plan for dependents with special needs, earmark donations to charities, and more

No two of our estate plans are the same because each is uniquely tailored by our attorneys to cater to each individual client’s needs.

Decades of Estate Planning Experience on Your Side

John J. Peck, Attorney & Counsellor at Law has practiced law in North Carolina for nearly 40 years. His creative approach to estate planning is unmatched across the state. Whether you are planning for the future or in the midst of a nursing home crisis, he will guide you through the process and find custom solutions to meet your needs.

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Protect Your Assets

You’ve Earned It, So Keep It! How to Protect Your Assets From Nursing Home Costs

The cost of long-term nursing home care can be astronomical. Request our free book to learn how our lawyer can help you qualify for care & protect your assets.

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