The Key to Good Estate Planning

estate planning lawyer north carolinaGood estate planning can help you avoid probate, keep your affairs private, minimize tax liability, and pass assets to your heirs. In our pamphlet, The Key to Good Estate Planning, we provide a concise look at the benefits of incorporating a revocable living trust into your estate planning strategy. You’ll learn why a revocable living trust provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are protected from creditors and predators and your legacy will pass on to your loved ones as you intended. We also share some reasons why planning with a will, a bare-bones living trust, a beneficiary designation, or jointly-owned property can have unintended and undesirable consequences.

Advice You Can Trust

Attorney John J. Peck, the founder of Legacy Lawyers, has practiced law in eastern North Carolina for over 40 years. John now practices exclusively in the areas of asset protection, estate planning, and elder law and is continually honing his knowledge and skill in trust-based planning. 

John firmly believes in a proactive approach to protecting the assets of seniors while planning for the possibility of disability or incapacity. His goal is to provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their legacy and future care needs.

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