Why You Need to Choose a Guardian for Your Children as Part of the Estate Planning Process

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You never know what life is going to throw your way, which is why you should hope for the best but still plan ahead for the worst. If you aren’t around to look after your children, are you certain they will be cared for both emotionally and financially?

It’s important to consult with an estate planning attorney to name a guardian in the event that you pass away or are otherwise unable to raise your children. While you might have a name in mind already, the process often requires more forethought and planning than you may realize.

How to Decide on a Guardian and Why You Need an Attorney

Selecting a guardian to raise your children and oversee any assets you leave for them is a highly personal choice, but it also involves a number of legal concepts. That’s why you need a skilled North Carolina estate planning attorney to help you decide on the guardian that offers the most stability. You should ask yourself these questions before making this important decision:

  • Does your child know the potential guardian well already?
  • Is the person willing and able to undertake the role of guardian?
  • Will the guardian’s living situation and finances allow them to properly look after a child?
  • Does the guardian have the same general beliefs and values?
  • Is the guardian located somewhere that won’t require your children to move out of their current school district or city?

After discussing these topics, an attorney can also help you select a successor guardian if your first choice is unable to care for your children for some reason. It is also possible that you may want to appoint two separate guardians, one for overseeing assets and the other for day-to-day activities and healthcare concerns. This is especially important if you have a large estate and will leave significant assets to your children

No matter your financial situation, it’s best to appoint a guardian ahead of time so your family isn’t left in a situation where the courts have to decide on a guardian for you. An informal guardianship plan that isn’t backed up by legal documents can cause serious problems, especially when it comes time to make medical decisions or enroll a child in school.

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