How to Use Advanced Medical Directives in Your Estate Plan

You know what type of medical care you want in the event of an emergency. What happens, though, if you are unable to communicate those wishes to someone due to being incapacitated in some way? Having an advanced medical directive in place is essential. 

What Is an Advanced Medical Directive?

Advanced medical directives, also known as advance healthcare directives or living wills, are legal documents outlining what your wishes are regarding end-of-life decisions. You create them in advance of being in this situation. They allow another person, such as a family member or friend, or even a health care professional, to make medical decisions for you based on your wishes. This eliminates questions later about what you desire.

These documents provide detailed information about your end-of-life or advanced medical care desires. You can outline a variety of factors in these documents, including your wishes in relation to:

  • Use of breathing machines
  • Tube feeding 
  • Use of dialysis machines 
  • Organ and tissue donations
  • If you should be resuscitated if you stop breathing or your heart stops

With this document, you allow others to know if you want any and all medical care applied as long as possible to sustain your life or if you do not want this type of care. If you fail to have such a document in place, or the document is not created properly, other people may make these decisions for you.

Why Do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney to Aid in Your Advanced Medical Directive?

Creating an advanced medical directive requires careful wording and clear details. You also want to ensure your wishes cannot be misconstrued in any way. Working with an estate planning attorney minimizes the risk of confusion. You also do not have to be worried that others will change these directives later or use them outside of your goals. 

Making the decision to create an advanced medical directive can bring peace of mind, especially as you realize it allows you to make big decisions on your own. To get started, contact Legacy Lawyers for a free initial consultation today to learn more. 

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