What does an elder law attorney do?

Getting older is an unavoidable fact of life, but an elder law attorney can help you prepare for the challenges of aging so you can make the most of every moment with your loved ones.

elder law north carolinaHow an Elder Law Attorney Can Help

An elder law attorney personalizes services to fit individual needs. Your attorney can help you:

  • Choose people to make important decisions on your behalf. If you are ever ill or otherwise unable to speak for yourself, you need to have power of attorney documents in place to allow someone to make medical decisions and handle necessary financial matters.
  • Stay financially independent. An elder law attorney can review your finances to provide you with a plan that maximizes your retirement income, minimizes your tax liability, and prepares you to cope with any unexpected challenges that may occur.
  • Plan for nursing home care. Even if you have substantial assets, paying for nursing home care can quickly become a financial burden. Medicaid can help cover the cost, but without careful financial planning, accepting Medicaid benefits can put your family home and savings at risk—leaving you no way to provide for your spouse and heirs.
  • Create an estate plan. Wanting to leave a legacy for your loved ones is an admirable goal. An elder law attorney can help you avoid common estate planning mistakes.

Other services your elder law attorney may be able to provide include appealing denial of Medicare claims, discussing how to maximize your Social Security benefits, and advising on the next steps if you’ve been a victim of elder abuse or fraud.

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